Re: relationship between GNOME and GNU, GNOME Foundation and FSF

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 07:38:46PM -0500, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
> programs that work with GNOME.  We would like to first and foremost set up
> a structure where we have clear lines of communication so that the GNOME
> community (and the GNOME Foundation that represents it) understand what we
> (at the GNU Project and FSF) are asking for and why.  I hope that we can

  Seems to already exist, is such a structure,
it convey your message perfectly in my opinion.

> move toward a situation where we fully understand each other, so that
> these kinds of confusions ("it's only about language and terminology") are
> no longer common.

  We do understand each other, we simply disagree. That something you
may have to learn living with, this happens sometimes ...

> parallel way is to address the matter through the Advisory Board, as
> Daniel Veillard suggested.  I do hope that FSF will be invited to future
> Advisory Board meetings.  I don't know how often they occur, but the last
> one we knew about was in April 2002, which FSF was not invited to and
> found out about after the fact.  I hope that doesn't happen again.

  That was the last one, right. Any member on the advisory bord should
have a representative on the advisory-board list. Informations about the
event were carried there well in advance (like any other meeting with
travel needed) on that list. So if the FSF is on the Advisory Board, then
it should have a representative reading that list. If the information wasn't
received there is a problem on the FSF representation side for the board.

  I'm actually the admin for the advisory board list, I don't see any address
which seems to pertain to someone from the FSF. So 1/ if the FSF is officially
part of the AB, 2/ the FSF should designate a representative and pass me
his email so 3/ I can add him to the list.

  Now, if Tim could check point 1/ with you, then I will wait for 2/ and do 3/



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