Suggestions Re: Questions

I am not a candidate, but let me proposed some
concrete measures:

Encourage GNOME maintainers to announce new releases
in GNU mailing list in addition to GNOME announce
lists. (This can also be done by forwarding--I did
this from time to time and people should be encouraged
to do this more)

The FSF, for its part, should put GNOME release
announcements and events in front pages of the GNU
website.  The FSF can put out press releases for the
GNU Project for major GNOME events (ideally GNOME and
FSF press releases are the same, but if not for some
reason, GNOME people should help the FSF on its press
releases and announcements which will emphasize more
on the software freedom side of things)  (This should
be quiet easy to do, since two of the candidates
actually worked for the FSF before in some capacity
and had experience with this type of work) 

Also the FSF may want to assign one of its staff in
charge of coordination with GNOME when RMS is
traveling and email response may take time.

GNOME should promote the concepts of Software Freedom
more, naturally, on the desktop.  For example, the
about dialog box should have a link to the GNU website
in addition to the GNOME website.  

RMS and some other people may have difference in
opinions, but that should not prevent them from
working together. GNOME started out as Free (libre)
Software and its aim is to create a computing platform
for use by the general public that is completely Free
Software. Many GNOME developers are strong Free
Software supporters. Some people may have different
values and goals, which should be separated from
GNOME's.  Apple/Next has used gcc for 11 years to
support NextStep/Mac OS, and Apple clearly does not
agree with RMS's ideals, but Apple is cooperate well
with the gcc project. Apple people do not try to
influence gcc's goals with their own beliefs.

People may have difficulties in the past, but that
should not prevent future cooperation. Everyone can
(and need to) improve, and people can learn to avoid
alienating others. Working around others' weaknesses
and "full of love" can solve any problem.

Closer cooperation between GNU and GNOME is to the
mutual interests of everyone, furthering the goals of
the GNOME Project and Free Software, and benefits the
companies like Sun and Redhat in competiton with
Microsoft.  Being GNU is one of the most valuable
assets of GNOME.

--- Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
> I would like to ask the other candidates to say what
> they will do to
> help GNOME promote the cause of software freedom,
> and how they will
> help closer relations between GNOME and the whole
> GNU Project.

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