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On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 04:11:39AM -0800, Andy Tai wrote:
> Come on, such negative attacks are not productive.

  Right, ... but it is relatively clear that Richard is not easy
to deal with (he honnestly admits it in his reply :-), and have a
relatively different agenda than most of the other candidates (at
least from mine). Richard could as well be very useful in the day
to day work of the Board (he knows a lot in the field), or act
in a very painful way like most of us had the experience when it
was about not using the Linux word standalone, annoy the Gnome Summary
and the Gnome Application List maintainers about non-free applications
built on Gnome and the likes.
  In all honnesty I would expect those "GNU Principle" discussion
to be contained to the Advisory Board level which is the dedicated
forum where institutions like Sun, HP, or the GNU project try to
give feedback on the directions of the GNOME project [*]. I see a fairly
big difference between a Red Hat employee candidating for the Board as
a member of the GNOME project, versus as trying to push Red Hat's agenda,
(one can substitute /Red Hat/ with whaterver other company involved).
All current candidate have expressed that they would not carry their
employer's hat for Board purposes if elected ... except Richard. That
to me doesn't sound good, he made it very clear, he will push the GNU
principles within the Board discussions, that's an electoral statement
and I certainly believe he will be trueful to his electors. Which also
mean he's likely to become a pain for Board work. I respect Richard,
but I'm not sure I would be happy having to deal with him on GNU principles
on a regular basis (or take the minutes of those meetings <grin/>.)


[*] and of course to some extend to the foundation list and the technical
    lists where appropriate.

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