Re: Questions

Come on, such negative attacks are not productive.

This is the election for GNOME, in which hopefully
candidates do not attack each other, unlike the recent
governor race in California.

--- Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
> During Guadec2, you wanted ever single program
> reprinted to say
> "GNU/Linux", when the FSF didn't give one penny for
> the organisation of
> the conference. You also took the developers hostage
> to talk to us about
> things we already knew (software freedom... man, we
> were *already* free
> software developers), and to do feature requests
> (tell bugzilla not us)
> about a product you obviously didn't know.

> PS: I also remember you depriving 2 developers of
> Beer to talk to them
> about multimedia, outside the pub. That's
> outrageous.
> -- 
> /Bastien Nocera

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