Re: REMINDER: less than 8 hours to be a candidate for the GNOME Foundation elections

mån 2002-11-04 klockan 18.28 skrev Vincent Untz:
> > I'm not running, but my understanding was that most GNOME deadlines
> > (snapshot deadlines anyway) were along the lines of "The deadline has
> > passed when everybody, that's everyone on the planet, is not in a
> > Monday."
> I think there's a big difference between snapshots deadlines and
> elections deadlines. A GNOME release/snapshot can be pushed back if it's
> not ready (for any reason), but the elections can not be pushed back.
> The GNOME Foundation has to follow some rules, and so we have to be
> strict for this kind of things. This is why deadlines are defined
> accurately. The definition you gave is not accurate. I agree that UTC
> may not be the best choice, but it's too late to change that.

On the contrary, I think UTC is an excellent choice for an international
project. All time zones are relative to UTC anyway.

And those who despite all don't have the slightest idea about what time
zone they are in, and it's time difference to UTC, and ultimately what
the UTC time is in any given moment, can be taught about the command
"date --utc" anyway.


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