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mcgarry tig com au wrote:
> >There was some of the same criticisms on Slashdot yesterday
> >(where does the money go?). Let me know of any updates you
> >might want to make to the Friends web page.
> Can I suggest the replacement of all variants of "donation"
> on the Friends Of GNOME page with variants of "contribution"
> "Contribution" is largely synonymous with "donation" but
> carries the additional meaning:
> "any one of a number of individual efforts in a common endeavor"
> which I think is important given the community nature of
> the GNOME project.
> By sending money to the GNOME foundation you are not
> giving money to a third party seperate to yourself but
> are contributing to a community that you belong to.

Hope this doesn't appear as boring semantics, but:

IMHO "Donation" somehow today connotes the possibility of some sort of
tax break.  The GNOME Foundation is a entity constructed to protect the
community and the body of work it produces, but (and please correct me
if I err) it is not a charitable organization to which a "donation"
would bring about the possibility for some sort of deduction on one's

Noting that, 'donating' to Gnome would appear to be entirely altruistic,
which cannot be the case for myself, since I've already gained something
by using GNOME.  (Yes, certainly the possibility does exist for others
who've not).

Though I'm only a user, Mr. McGarry's request to replace all mention
with 'contribution' certainly brings the feeling of personal involvement
I want in contributing to the Gnome Community.

Anyway, 2 more cents, or so to speak . . .

> Paul
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