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This seems worthwhile, on-topic & of interest to the gnome foundation.

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Subject: Last Chance to Comment on Microsoft Settlement

we've corresponded in the past; please forgive this form letter.
If you're not interested in the Microsoft antitrust trial, likewise, apologies.

The proposed settlement in the Microsoft antitrust trial will probably
be accepted by the judge unless a lot of people complain soon, even
though it lacks useful enforcement provisions and fails to prohibit many of
Microsoft's anticompetitive practices.

The deadline for commenting on the proposed settlement
is *this Monday*.  If you have any interest in the
issue, and have not yet written the DOJ to comment, I urge
you to do so *now*.

I've drafted an open letter to the Department of Justice to explain why
the proposed settlement should not be accepted; it's at

I'd be honored if you would read it, and consider signing it with me, or
submitting your own comment to the DOJ.

Either way, the federal deadline for public comment is Monday the 28th,
so you have to act today.  For more information, see

Dan Kegel

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