Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 15 2002

[Oops, I forgot to send those last week, sorry, Daniel]

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 15 2002


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    James Henstridge
    Jody Goldberg
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Telsa Gwynne
    Nat Friedman
    Federico Mena
    Jim Gettys
    Miguel de Icaza
    Tim Ney 

    George Lebl
    Jonathan Blandford


 - Board telconfs will be rotated on Red Hat, Ximian and Compaq phone bridges
 - The foundation will have the Advisory Meeting the day before Guadec3
   April 3rd in Sevilla.
 - Havoc and Nat will co-chair the Board this year, Daniel and Telsa will
   handle the Secretary work.

Actions done:

  ACTION: Jonathan and Jim will look at Red Hat and Compaq to find
          if they can host phone meetings
     => Done: Red Hat should be able to host it once a month. Same for Compaq
        but would not be able to provide toll-free international phone calls
  ACTION: Tim to grant provision to get a screenshot of our home page
          to a printing company which requested it
     => Done


  ACTION: Tim, John and Havoc to get a draft statement on the relation
          with the free software foundation and license policy.
     => Tim and Havoc have started, in progress

  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
     => pending, there are talks

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
     => A description has been sent, waiting for a reply, other work
        need to be done, pending.

  ACTION: Tim to get the membership logos on the foundation page
     => Should be done in a few days

  ACTION: Havoc to update the main page www.gnome.org, we need a link to
          the Gnome-2 effort and need some cleanup.
     => Changed the HTML but it didn't propagated. Waited for sysadmin
        to sync it.

New Actions:

  ACTION: Jonathan to draft a possible official answer to the Uk Gov Talk
          request for comment on the use of open source software within
          the UK government.
  ACTION: Tim, Daniel and Miguel will make sure taht we have the basic
          informations left to be able to officially announce Guadec3 next
	  week and secure logistic for the Advisory Meeting


 - approve last meeting minutes:

 - GNOME 2 release naming.
   There was a phone meeting an Jeff Waught drafted a paragraph which should
   be approved by the end of the week.

   We will have the Advisory Meeting the day before the start of GUADEC3
   Guadec 3 site need completion especially the travel and hotel pages
   or at least an evaluation of the cost for the hotels:
     => we would like to get
   The call for papers was done, abstract for deadlines is 25th Jan:
 - GNOME2:
   Seems to start to work !
   We have most of the packages ready for the alpha desktop release.

 - Chair and Secretary positions for the Board (not the Foundation):
   Seems good to have backups for proxy.
   Havoc and Nat will co-chair the Board,
   Daniel and Telsa will handle the Secretary work.

 - plan to have next meeting Tues 29 same time on the Red Hat bridge


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