Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 29 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 29 2002


    Nat Friedman (chairing)
    James Henstridge
    Jody Goldberg
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Telsa Gwynne
    Jim Gettys
    Miguel de Icaza
    Tim Ney 
    George Lebl
    Jonathan Blandford
    Federico Mena

    Havoc Pennington


 - Confirmation of GUADEC3 April 4-6 2002 Sevilla, book your tickets now !

Actions done:

  ACTION: Tim to get the membership logos on the foundation page
     => Done

  ACTION: Jonathan to draft a possible official answer to the Uk Gov Talk
          request for comment on the use of open source software within
          the UK government.
     => it seems the existing list is good enough and we don't really need
        to get a formal suggestion, Skipped/Done
  ACTION: Tim, Daniel and Miguel will make sure taht we have the basic
          informations left to be able to officially announce Guadec3 next
	  week and secure logistic for the Advisory Meeting
     => Done, we are ready it seems.


  ACTION: Tim, John and Havoc to get a draft statement on the relation
          with the free software foundation and license policy.
     => Tim and Havoc have started, pending

  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
     => meeting scheduled this week with some of the font, in progress

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
     => A description has been sent, waiting for a reply, other work
        need to be done, pending.

  ACTION: Havoc to update the main page www.gnome.org, we need a link to
          the Gnome-2 effort and need some cleanup.
     => Done

New Actions:

  ACTION: Miguel to anmounce Guadec3 to the Gnome community.

  ACTION: Jody collect a list of communities we should contact to
          get them at GUADEC3

  ACTION: Nat to talk to Havoc to get a discussion about rules
          w.r.t. backward compatibility rules in the 2.x time.


 - approve last meeting minutes:

 - change the call to be half an hour earlier

   Nearly 50 paper proposal
   Specific papers suggestions:
      StarOffice and Gnome
      Invitation KDE
   People travelling:
      We have some funding but not as much as last year
      As usual the earliest one learn about the travel need the
      cheapest are the tickets.
   Thing seems to move along relatively smoothly
   We are still in Alpha quality, but all core packages are now
   packages and redistributable.
   The large application may take multiple months to port:
      - galeon
      - gnumeric
      - abiword
      - evolution
   It seems Glade port needs attention to make sure it get's ready
   in time for apps to be ported.

 - the chair noted that specific items should be discussed off-line in the
   committees to avoid taking board meetings time.


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