Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 3 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting January 3 2002


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    James Henstridge
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Jody Goldberg
    George Lebl
    Telsa Gwynne
    Jim Gettys
    Tim Ney 
    Nat Friedman
    Jonathan Blandford
    Federico Mena
    Miguel de Icaza   (0:20)


  - Happy New Year to everybody
  - switching back to a telconf every two weeks, no telconf next week.

Actions done:

  ACTION: Tim to get the membership logos on the foundation page
     => We will publish the logos we have agreement to put on-line
        at this time

  ACTION: Tim to work on the Trademark registration for "GNOME" and the foot.
     => Done, the application had been filed. it may take some time
        before we get the final decision.

  ACTION: Tim to organize a call with Nat, Tim, Leslie and Jeff Waugh to
          finalize the description of the 2.0 release
     => Done, got a consensus on the call. The result should be propagated
        back to the board and the foundation at large soon.

  ACTION: Nat to solve the arrangement for the teleconferences
     => Resolved by trying to find alternate way, trying to round robbin
        between multiple hosts


  ACTION: Tim, John and Havoc to get a draft statement on the relation
          with the free software foundation and license policy.
     => Tim and Havoc have started, pending

  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
     => pending

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
     => A description has been sent, waiting for a reply, other work
        need to be done, pending.

New Actions:

  ACTION: Tim to get the membership logos on the foundation page

  ACTION: Jonathan and Jim will look at Red Hat and Compaq to find
          if they can host phone meetings
  ACTION: Tim to grant provision to get a screenshot of our home page
          to a printing company which requested it

  ACTION: Havoc to update the main page www.gnome.org, we need a link to
          the Gnome-2 effort and need some cleanup.

  ACTION: Jonathan to draft a possible official answer to the Uk Gov Talk
          request for comment on the use of open source software within
          the UK government.


 - approve last meeting minutes:
 - Conference call.
   Trying to find more possibilities for hosting the teleconference.
   Jonathan and Jim will check
 - GNOME 2 release naming.
   after call with the promotion group it seems there is consensus on using
   "GNOME 2.0 Development Platform and Desktop"

 - GNOME naming/definition in general and for the release
   We had some comments on the content of the release modules.
   The member of the Board also on the Release team will transmit those
   comments for discussion at their meeting tomorrow.

   The web site is on the work it's not on-line yet needing some graphics,
   they are back at work after the hollidays.
   There will be an on-line submission for papers and presentations, possibly
   within a week, and a possible deadline at the end of the month.
   We expect to have the travel informations up on-line as fast as possible
   so that people can make the needed travel arrangements.
 - GNOME2:
   There is progresses at the technical level. Trying now to get
   weekly updates and there is contacts for all the modules.
   There is a revised schedule on the Web site.


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