Re: Miguel

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 02:05:25PM +0000, Alan Cox was heard to remark:
> I find that at the point you ask an IT director
> the .NET interest level goes through the floor.

No disagreement. Selling .net is probably like selling carbon fiber
spars to the high-rise construction industry.  Neat idea, no takers.
But if they work out the kinks ...

MS started talking about WinNT about 5 years before NT went 'mainstream'.
(was widely adopted).  I expect a similar timescale for .net

> The board needs to post an official answer on gnotices. I think your points
> are well made - .net / c# / whatever are all things that if someone wants
> to use for gnome well let them, just like perl, scheme and python.

Yes, but ... someone technical should map out the requriements.  For
instance, I beleive .net would require the gnome widgets/objects to
be able to 'introspect', as well as have use-count hooks so that 
garbage collectors could work with them.  Stuff like that.  A 'white
paper' so that when someone says ".net+gnome", you can show them the
white paper and say "this is what we mean".


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