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On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 04:03:57PM -0800, Andy Tai was heard to remark:
> ... his recent remarks on GNOME to be based on
> the .NET architecture 

Microsoft's .NET 'vision' is quite compelling and is an important 
step forward in computing principles (if carried out).  The vision,
as I understand it, is to create an infrastructure (of servers,
compilers, languages, and gui tools) that allow "power users"
(i.e. novice programmers) to create sophisticated, powerful, 
client-server apps.

Currently, open source (and closed source) programmers create
network apps through painstaking design and coding efforts, 
learning the intriicacies of CORBA, of XML parsers, of HTTP,
or by designing 'roll-your-own' network protocols, etc.  You've
got to be a rocket scientist, more or less, to build a viable
client-server app that aint just a toy.

But imagine a world where a Microsoft Power User (someone who 
can use the word 'database' in a sentance without sounding foolish,
and can recognize XML when he sees it)... Imagine a world where
this person can create a multi-user distributed, network-capable
system for.. I dunno, scheduling dental appointments. Or whatever
thier particular office automation need is.   What good is Linux,
or any Free Software, in an environment like that?  What's the 
point of slavishly sweating over PHP scripts and checking them into
sourceforge when some Marketing guy can accomplish the same thing 
in an afternoon?

Unless we can do a better job on .Net than Microsoft can, we'll
be buried.

I don't know what Miguel actually said.  I hope he didn't say that
some programming language is cool, cause that misses the point

G  Gnu
N  Network
O  Object
M  Model
E  Environment

Well, we aint got much of a network object model.  Corba and bonobo
and such is OK, but there's a steep learning curve, and its hard to
develop for.  There's really not that much work going on in gnome
to improve the situation.  Miguel is smart enough to understand that
if we try to invent something on our own, from scratch, chances are
high that we'll have nothing to show for it.  The road is already
littered with wreckage.  But if we try to build something compatible
with .Net, not only do we have a clear goal, but we'll have something
that people want.  

I'm no Microsoft lover, but .Net does present a serious challange,
and we do have to rise to meet it.  That, or become irrelevant. 



>(or Mono, which was what he
> meant) ...

I'm pretty sure that can't be what he meant.

> has created significant confusion in the GNOME
> community and created doubts about GNOME's future in
> many people's mind.

It is not easy to wrap your mind around the coming paradigm 
shifts in computing.  But they are coming, like it or not.


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