Re: Miguel

> as I understand it, is to create an infrastructure (of servers,
> compilers, languages, and gui tools) that allow "power users"
> (i.e. novice programmers) to create sophisticated, powerful,=20
> client-server apps.

I find that at the point you ask an IT director

"How come this stuff can talk through your firewall without your control"
"Do you trust office end users to write secure applications"
"How will you audit this lot against your security and data protection policy"
"How do automated downloads fit into your ISO change control system"

the .NET interest level goes through the floor.

> littered with wreckage.  But if we try to build something compatible
> with .Net, not only do we have a clear goal, but we'll have something
> that people want. =20

In which case Miguel should be more accurate when reporters are around,
paticularly from wannabe radicals like the register.

The board needs to post an official answer on gnotices. I think your points
are well made - .net / c# / whatever are all things that if someone wants
to use for gnome well let them, just like perl, scheme and python.


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