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On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 00:03, Andy Tai wrote:
> Miguel de Icaza has been very important in GNOME's
> success.  
> However, his recent remarks on GNOME to be based on
> the .NET architecture (or Mono, which was what he
> meant) has created significant confusion in the GNOME
> community and created doubts about GNOME's future in
> many people's mind.
> If the metaphor of war is used to describe the
> relationship between Microsoft and Free Software,  one
> can say that, through .NET, Microsoft has made a
> breakthrough at the Mono-GNOME junction along the
> front and created chaos in the GNOME camp.  
> One must wonder, in his drive to fulfill his ambitions
> and quest for power, has Miguel lost himself?

1) This isn't really the place for this kind of speculation. Use /.'s
comments system to post this kind of thing next time.

2) Gnome libraries and dependencies will always be written in C, for the
forseeable future afaict (at least, it was in the goals of the project
when it was started).

3) Mono and the classes foundation are above the Gnome libraries. So you
can write your Gnome program using C# and run it on Windows with native
widgets instead.

4) Miguel doesn't "control" the Gnome desktop, the hackers do. When
Miguel contributes to Gnome, he's controlling a part of it, he's a

5) The .net framework and Mono in this case is for writing apps, not
base libraries or OSes.

6) Saying that Miguel is megalomaniac is an insult to his intelligence
and commitment to Free Software, and ours as "sheep-followers".

The whole thing can be summed up as "Miguel talks for himself, and not
the whole Gnome project". I hope that Miguel will announce on the
gnome-announce list when Mono can bootstrap solely on a free operating
system, and when work can begin to work on the GUI class libraries.
(And I didn't even talk about all the benefits for the languages
bindings point of view)


/Bastien Nocera, who likes Mono and says "Bonjour" to Miguel

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