Re: Miguel

This is really unnecessary.

On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 18:03, Andy Tai wrote:
> Miguel de Icaza has been very important in GNOME's
> success.  
> However, his recent remarks on GNOME to be based on
> the .NET architecture (or Mono, which was what he
> meant) has created significant confusion in the GNOME
> community and created doubts about GNOME's future in
> many people's mind.

He said that Mono was so cool that by the time GNOME 4 rolls around
(which is like 4-5 years away), it will be the compelling technology to
use.  Maybe that's true.  We'll have to wait and find out, won't we?

I don't see what the big deal is about a programming language, and some
common runtime code.  It is all FREE SOFTWARE.  No one is forcing you to
use it.  It has nothing to do with web services.  It is exactly
analogous to GNU copying the cool architecture/applications of UNIX.

> If the metaphor of war is used to describe the
> relationship between Microsoft and Free Software,  one
> can say that, through .NET, Microsoft has made a
> breakthrough at the Mono-GNOME junction along the
> front and created chaos in the GNOME camp.  
Do you honestly think that Microsoft sees GNOME as a near-term desktop
threat?  GNOME, if it is lucky, has 1% of the number of users Microsoft
has.  We're already plenty un-unified over stupid stuff.....the people
that are complaining will be quiet once they find something else to
whine about without understanding issues.  If you look at the comments
on linuxtoday and slashdot, they are all pretty uneducated and not
understanding what the Mono project is about.  Miguel was hyping up his
new project.  No big deal.  He's allowed to say what he wants.  He's not
trying to dictate policy here.

> One must wonder, in his drive to fulfill his ambitions
> and quest for power, has Miguel lost himself?

Where did this come from?  I can't see how anyone can get this
conclusion from reading Miguel's public comments.  Unless you are
choosing to see a problem rather than thinking rationally.

(I have no intention of wasting foundation-list's time with a flamewar
or anything, so any further comments, please make them off-list.)


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