Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

     Carping after the event on foundation-list is just harmful to 
    the goodwill which keeps the committee going.

The committee will surely generate good will by not being
unnecessarily bureaucratic.

    As for adding votes back in by hand afterwards, I can well envisage 
    some people asking if this was an entirely safe and secure way of 
    running a ballot.

People will ask this question no matter what method is used, because
it is a legitimate question.  So let's look at the answer.

This would be just as safe and secure as the method that was actually
used.  If the member sent his vote before the deadline, and responds
now with his magic token, then you have just as much reason to believe
it is the right person as you would have had if he had sent the magic
token with his vote.

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