Re: Account Policies

On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 10:11:33AM +0200, Christian Schaller wrote:
> On 01 Sep 2001 23:14:51 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > Should account gnome org be closed or open?
> Being on the web-devel list where the current experience with getting
> accounts to improve the functionality of the website is that it is like
> sending emails into a black hole, my initial reaction would be that an
> open list would make it easier to actually see that the account requests
> where recieved and hopefully acted upon. But after thinking about it I

  I think the list should be public and archived ! Accountability is key
in system administration of any kind, even a volunteer based one.

I have seen the arguments that sometimes one need to deny a request.
I think accountability is good too, people who need an account ought to
ask at least one tutor for getting "sponsored" and learn the rules,
if the person who "sponsors" ask publicly, this probably mean that
there is good chances that the request should be granted. We should make
clear that that step is the preferred one, and if people ask directly
without sponsorship, then they are more likely to get a negative answer
I think debian works in a similar way, you need someone from the project
to say "I made sure that guy knows the rules", if this scales for them
this will scale for us I think.


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