Re: Account Policies

On 01 Sep 2001 23:14:51 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Should account gnome org be closed or open?
> --------------------------------------------
> In favor of an open list:
> Open List means that members of the GNOME community can see what account
> requests are pending, what their status is, and how long they've been
> waiting.  This community "auditing" will help to ensure that accounts
> get processed in a timely fassion.
> When an account request is rejected, the reasons for not granting the
> account will be publicly documented.  This will ensure that there can be
> no dispute that rejecting that request was necessary.
> In favor of a closed list:
> On occasion, some account requests will need to be denied.  Having the
> list be closed will help to avoid public embarrasment.
> The closed list will also help to avoid public controversy when account
> reqests are rejected.

Being on the web-devel list where the current experience with getting
accounts to improve the functionality of the website is that it is like
sending emails into a black hole, my initial reaction would be that an
open list would make it easier to actually see that the account requests
where recieved and hopefully acted upon. But after thinking about it I
am not sure it is more motivating to see your mail linger in an archive
than it is just not getting a response. So I think having a name on who
to contact directly (meaning someone not ordinarly on the list, but
whose responsiblity it is to make sure people on the list process
requests. This could be a board memember or Tim.) if you don't hear
something back within a week would be more usefull than an open list.

> You've already heard my thoughts on the matter.  Somebody chime in and
> pick a side here.  I know somebody out there cares.

> Who gets mail aliases?
> ----------------------------------
> Options:
> * Nobody gets aliases
> * Only board members and officers of the GNOME foundation get aliases
> * Any foundation members can get a alias
> I don't think there's any reason to seriously consider the second
> option.  I'd much prefer the third option, as it'd be "cool" to have an
> alias
Second this suggestion :)

> Aliases for CVS accounts
> -------------------------
> As part of the mail aliases topic, it was brought up that we could, and
> probably should, create an alias for every person who has a CVS account
> in the GNOME CVS repository.  I'd like to propose that we use
> <accountname> as the format for these aliases.  It's
> straighforward and hard to screw up.

Agree on this one too.


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