Re: Account Policies

OK, we've seen a bunch of comments come through, but nothing new for
about a week.  I've just compiled a list of the issues still pending
from the list archives.

CVS accounts for Translators
We need to mention that translators are eligible for CVS accounts.  If
they're doing only a very few translations, it may be easier for them to
mail such translations to the co-ordinator for their team.  Translators
with more time on their hands can get a CVS account, and maintain
translations directly in CVS.

I think that one is pretty straight forward, and should simply be added.
Anybody care to differ?  If not, it's going in.

Should account gnome org be closed or open?
In favor of an open list:
Open List means that members of the GNOME community can see what account
requests are pending, what their status is, and how long they've been
waiting.  This community "auditing" will help to ensure that accounts
get processed in a timely fassion.
When an account request is rejected, the reasons for not granting the
account will be publicly documented.  This will ensure that there can be
no dispute that rejecting that request was necessary.

In favor of a closed list:
On occasion, some account requests will need to be denied.  Having the
list be closed will help to avoid public embarrasment.
The closed list will also help to avoid public controversy when account
reqests are rejected.

You've already heard my thoughts on the matter.  Somebody chime in and
pick a side here.  I know somebody out there cares.

Who gets mail aliases?
* Nobody gets aliases
* Only board members and officers of the GNOME foundation get aliases
* Any foundation members can get a alias

I don't think there's any reason to seriously consider the second
option.  I'd much prefer the third option, as it'd be "cool" to have an

Aliases for CVS accounts
As part of the mail aliases topic, it was brought up that we could, and
probably should, create an alias for every person who has a CVS account
in the GNOME CVS repository.  I'd like to propose that we use
<accountname> as the format for these aliases.  It's
straighforward and hard to screw up.

That's all, folks!  As I said, I'd like to get SOME feedback on the
open/closed list issue, but I think everything else is "open and shut",
and can just go into the policies.  Federico sent his message two weeks
ago as of Monday.  I'd like to get things finished in say, another week
(notice the lack of confusing jargon such as "fortnight").  So, let's
see where we're at a week from Monday (that'll mean it's three weeks
old), and if we've got something solid, maybe we can get it carved in
stone (or at least electrons) as part of GNOME.  

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