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On Sat, 2001-09-01 at 23:14, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> OK, we've seen a bunch of comments come through, but nothing new for
> about a week.  I've just compiled a list of the issues still pending
> from the list archives.

I'm tired of waiting around, so I wrote up some changes to the account
policies.  The only issue that I didn't address was the
<accountname> one, because I wasn't sure if that should go
in here or not, in addition to the fact that it's not implemented yet.

Title: Account Policy Account Policy


The machines at host different services like WWW, FTP, CVS, and mail aliases. This document describes the policies for getting the necessary accounts to modify the content of these services. You should read this document if:

  • You wish to have CVS write access to work on a GNOME module.

  • You are a module maintainer and wish to upload new versions to the FTP site.

  • You are going to maintain a section of the web pages.

  • You wish to have an mail alias.

Requesting Accounts

People who wish to obtain accounts at the machines should send mail to <accounts gnome org> with the following information:

  • The type of account they want.

  • Any qualifying information, such as "I need a CVS account because the maintainer of module gnome-foo wants me to commit my patches directly".

  • Full Name

  • Permanent Email Address

  • Requested Account Name

  • Encrypted Password

The <accounts gnome org> address is a small publicly archived mailing list composed of people who can approve account requests and will take care of physically creating the accounts. When requesting an account, please be sure to include a maintainer or project leader on your request. This helps to ensure that people are kept abrest of who has been granted access to work on their module.

The following sections describe what qualifications you must have for the different types of accounts we can grant.

CVS Accounts

If you have been contributing to a project that is already hosted in and the module maintainer approves it, you may request for an account in the GNOME CVS repository. That way you can commit your patches directly.

Also, you may have a number of scattered patches to several GNOME modules and people may have put you on their hit list of "good hacker". This is common for people who have been fixing bugs in GNOME here and there, and such people are very good candidates for CVS access.

Translators who are making frequent changes and updates to translations may be granted a CVS accout.

Finally, you may have a GNOME program that you have written and you may want to have it hosted in the GNOME CVS repository. If the accounts committee and generally the people on the gnome-hackers mailing list agree that your program is a major contribution to GNOME, you may get access to the CVS repository to put your program there.

Having a CVS account implies certain responsibilities, because you are modifying the master copy of the GNOME source code. Please read the GNOME Programming Guidelines for the details.

To ensure that maintainers and project leaders know who has been granted CVS access with their blessing, please include them on the list of recipients of your CVS account request.

Shell Accounts

Module maintainers need a shell account on the machine so that they can upload their packages for distribution in the FTP site. Unfortunately we cannot give out shell accounts to random people because of lack of resources.

People who get a shell account will get added to the ftpadmin group so that they have write access to the FTP directory hierarchy. When you get such an account, we will send you instructions on how to upload and set up your packages for distributions; we have some shell scripts on to aid you in doing this.

Web Page Mainteinance

If the maintainer of the GNOME web pages decides that you are a useful and frequent contributor, you can ask for a web administration account. This involves a shell account and knowledge of the relevant CVS modules.

The developer web pages on are maintained on the web-devel-2 module on CVS, so you only need a CVS account to contribute to them.

Mail Aliases

Any member of the GNOME Foundation is eligible for a <> mail alias. We cannot host real mail spools for everyone as resources are limited. However, we will be happy to assign mail aliases to people who request them.

If you are not a member of the GNOME Foundation please visit and read the application guidelines.


People who already have accounts can mail <gnome-sysadmin gnome org> for assistance with technical issues. We also have an <cvsmaster gnome org> for people who want to request CVS assistance, such as moving files around or removing stale CVS locks. Please feel free to ask the sysadmins for information.

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