Re: Non-free software and GNOME

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:


> > At least IMVHO, being a GNU project should not be a set of thumbscrews
> > used on people working on it to make them jump through arbitrary hoops.
> RMS never decided to make GNOME a GNU project (except when accepting it
> as it). Someone (which I suppose is Miguel) took the decision. RMS is
> not "thumbscrewing" people at all, he just says 'Ok you can be a GNU
> project if your respect those few guidelines'.
> So the best solution now would simply to request GNOME to not be a GNU
> project anymore. It seems it would solves all the problems we are
> discussing here.

This was not a comment about GNOME or it being part of the GNU project
(why would I want to comment on that???) but about the GNU project.
Thumbscrews by any other name are still thumbscrews, and their application
being for some reason lawfull does still not justify it.

> W.


"I don't think there is intelligent life within our solar system"
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