Re: Non-free software and GNOME (The conclusion)

Thanks for everyones feedback. First of all let me apologize for this
ending up as a big flamefest and newsitem, I never intended for it to be
anything but a genuine request for feedback from the members of this
list. Personally I admire RMS and think he has done and is doing great
work, but in this case I disagree with him. 

I take the feedback I have gotten on this list and in private that the
summary is currently being done in a fashion that the vast majority of
the GNOME community feel comfortable with. 

I can only speak for myself of course (although I think Steve and I are
pretty much in agreement on this issue), but I will try to mention that
it is non-free software that is being discussed when such topics is
being covered from here on, but apart for that I will continue with my
present course (which I think currently stands at 1 or maybe 2 mentions
of non-free software total).

Thanks for your feedback, and once again I apologize for the unneeded
noise and spectacle this little issue has generated.


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