Re: Updated account policies document


(the following is a brief look from a total layman point of view)

looking at the mail aliases section of the policy

it seems to me that the whole section concerning revocation of an alias
does not fit in this document and should be part of the foundation
membership policies.
in other words: if you are a foundation member you get an alias,
engaging in an inappropriate action using this alias should be enough
ground for canceling your membership

the text i have in mind is
"The GNOME Board has the right to revoke aliases at any time for any
reason. Types of mail that it is inappropriate to use a alias
in include:

    *      Mail sent for commercial purposes.
    *      Mail that reflects badly on the GNOME project, including, but
not limited to harassing mail, offensive mail, personal attacks, and
attacks on competing projects.
    *      Mail that misleadingly attempts to portray the official
positions of the GNOME project."

considering the "innapropriate" action that might lead to canceling the
membership i believe the part "Mail that reflects badly on the GNOME
project" should be removed because it is too vague. Instead of that the
board should have a policy of looking at specific cases of misconduct
brought to its attention by the foundation members.

i am sorry for jumping late into this.
i might be on crack ;) beg for your pardon if that is the case


On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 23:33, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all, I suck.  I didn't update the account policies until today,
> so please feel free to flog me with curried noodles or something.
> Mmmm, curried noodles.
> The updated account policies document is here:
> Please review it and send your comments.  This should be the final
> iteration; the document incorporates all the suggestions from the
> "Account Policies" thread and Greg's updated version.
> In the board meeting today nobody had objections, so it looks like a
> good candidate for the final version.
> Thanks and sorry about the delay,
>   Federico

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