10 Questions answered on my way

I have been a part of GNOME since a lot time go
working in a mostly obscure -behind the scenes-
part of the project in GNOME guile bindings and
other libraries so I do have an extensive knowledge
on both GNOME and Free SOftware to think I can
make a difference being in the Board of Directors.

There are several issues I think are important
for GNOME but have not been addressed correctly:

1)GNOME API as a solution against propietary software:
GNOME has an API a very good API that almost no one uses.
I am not refering to the GNOME hackers or any other type
of *nix hackers but to the critical mass of programers
that use propietary software APIs to do their day to day jobs.
We need to promote our API to make it attractive to those users.
Important point to consider are language binds and RAD tools
that combined can help to establish GNOME as a real programming
API solution.

2)GNOME Office. Much hsa been debated about this set of
productivity tools. A lot of noise was done about OPen Office.
Sadly, a year later we still miss a complete Office package.
As long as we do not have one, we can not count on assaulting
propietary software and expect to win.

3)Bringing hackers together. We need to have more GUADEC
like events in which GNOME hackers can share ideas,
hack together and have some goood drinks.
We also need to organize GNOME conferences targeted
for non GNOME developers who want to start using the GNOME
API. A great example is the current Hispanic GNOME Conference
in which a group of experienced hispanic hackers are
weekly giving tutorials and talks about an impressive set
of GNOME technologies.

4)Promote GNOME. Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.
We need to promote the use of GNOME in governments
and schools in as many countries as we can.

Altho, the Board should not enforce any technical decition,
it should guarantee that those points are addressed correctly.

Only a good set of Board Members that can identify GNOME's needs,
and represent the different views about what GNOME should be.

I see GNOME as the leading technology of the future.
A technology that can change the lifes of many whilst
following the ideals of Free Software and maintaining
a high level solution for real life problems.

I see GNOME as the most exciting project I have worked on,
and I believe that I can contribute more to its future development.

I do believe in Free Software and on GNOME.

I can share both my hacking experience and organizational
knowledge to solve the problems I mention earlier and to
identify other possible needs including relation with companies and

I can share my experience in trade shows, conferences, book
reviewing and white paper proposals to help
attain the ultimate goal of turning GNOME into the best
possible environment.

It has been both a pleasure and a honor to be part of GNOME
and I know I can make a difference for it's future and I will
happily continue to give my time for GNOME either as a hacker
or as a Board member.

Ariel Rios

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