10 Questions, RMS, and thanks

On 18 Nov 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Wolfgang Sourdeau <wolfgang contre com> writes:
> > So what. Are you going to disrepect democracy for the sake that RMS is not
> > popular? If he is not popular he will just not get voted for. If he is so
> > be it.
> Don't worry, we are not discussing whether RMS is allowed to run - he
> is an official candidate. If he is one of the top 11 vote-getters he
> will be on the board. That's not what anyone is discussing.

Thanks to all the candidates who have anwered the questions at my request.
I have really enjoyed reading the responses, and I hope any candidates who
haven't responded will do so before the ballots are mailed on Tuesday.

I am happy to see one of the questions helped to spur on this debate.  I
was actually hoping to see even more debates and lively discussions than
just this one since it is fun to see how the candidates differ from each
other and voice their opinions.  It would be great if Richard could
respond to this debate (and my 10 questions <nudge> <nudge>).

We only have two days until the votes go out, so this is the time for any
debating, questions, endorsing, or other election-related discussion.


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