Re: RMS candidacy (was: Re: 10 Questions for All Candidates)

Well, I personally would like to see 11 people on the board that know
and love GNOME really well, and will vote accordingly. They should be
well informed of the daily happenings in the project and, at the very
least, be running GNOME on their machine - more than just once a year.

In my opinion, I think RMS has an important part to play, but just not
on the board...but I would hope that those elected to the board would
use his knowledge and experience whenever necessary, as with anyone

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

On Sun, 2001-11-18 at 08:43, Andy Tai wrote:
> I don't think the concern over RMS makes sense.  The
> fact that RMS is willing to run for the board is
> itself a respect for the democratic process of the
> GNOME Foundation. He is not getting treated
> differently than anyone else, through his place in the
> history of free software and the GNU Project is
> unparalleled. He will not have more power than anyone
> else on the board over GNOME-related matters, if the
> GNOME Foundation works as designed.  

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