Re: Gnome speed

>   Also if you're still running 2.4.7 it's baaad. There have been a security
> advisory and you definitely should upgrade to 2.4.9-13 [1]. You may not
> see much changes from a VM perspective but 2.4.7 is not a good idea for
> a multiuser system or a Gnome desktop.

I can belive that, I am having many problems, one with X just now,
jumping into a vterm (ctrl-alt-fx) and then comming back was ok, but
then returning to the vterm just left me with an image of the X screen,
no terminal...

And file systems, when I mount a disk (like CD rom, then cd to it, then
try to vdir another disk (like /home/rob) it locks up.

Not sure whats causeing this all yet but will look at teh kernel latter
on tonight I hope


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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