Gnome speed

A short time ago there was a thread about gnome and requirements, ram
etc etc.

It moved on to a speed issue at some point and I posted re my machine
having slowed down over the years.

Well I just reformated teh hard drive and installed rh7.2, with a lot of
the more recent gnome stuff and I swear it's 20-30% faster than it was
with the ximian gnome stuff.  

Nautilus is not quite the dog it was 2 days ago, but having installed
some of the ximian stuff (bonobo and evolution, ximian menus and thats
about it) nautilus is a bit slower already.

Alas, now the redhat gnucash is not starting and I fear I will have to
bit teh bullet and install all of ximian gnome.  

Has any one else noticed this, is there some thing different about the
way ximian builds it's gnome that makes it slower, or is it some think
about the rest of rh7.2 and my machine would be faster even if I install
all ximian?


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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