Re: 10 Questions for All Candidates

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 12:18:59PM -0800, Ian McKellar wrote:
> * Standards - GNOME adopts and embraces many standards such as CORBA,
>   XML and SVG yet we don't participate in the standards process a lot. I
>   think we should try to take a more active role in developing these
>   standards. We have more experience that most groups in using these
>   technologies.

  Hum, Gnome has quite a large amount of thing to get done first before
trying to divert efforts into standard process. I have been there for
a few years now (I reduced my participation in W3C groups to only work
on the XML Core one now), I don't think we are influent enough and have
enough "free time" to consider this a real Gnome development axis. It's
long, hard, and can be relatively expensive.
  I think following the standards is key for Gnome development and acceptance,
I don't think influencing the standards is key at this stage. We wouldn't 
have that much to bring on the table I'm afraid, and little return on
the efforts (advice: *never* underestimate the effort needed to work
on standardization).

  I think Ankh (Liam Quin) and Jim Gettys who are or have been also
involved in standard work at W3C won't disagree with me.


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