Re: Gnome speed

On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 04:23:58PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Havoc Pennington">
> > Our configuration is much plainer, with fewer snazzy graphics; that
> > probably accounts for most of it. We did a lot of Nautilus optimization
> > but as of 1.0.5 that was in the upstream Nautilus and should be in current
> > Ximian.
> It sounded like Ulrich implied that you guys were also using the prelinking
> stuff too, is that right?

  It's available but not activated by default. It's a good idea to try it
in a Gnome envronment. If you find bugs please report them to

It may make a significant difference especially on slow CPUs.



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