Re: 10 Questions for All Candidates

On Mon, 2001-11-12 at 23:26, Dan Mueth wrote:
> 1) Why are you running for Board of Directors?
While the strength of GNOME is the code and the hackers who contribute
it, the board needs to have a balance of experience to guide the activities and policies of GNOME Foundation.  I want to see the balance
of opinion and cooperative system of decision making which the current board of directors has maintained during its term continue into the next
> 2) Do you have leadership and committee experience? If so, please explain.
I have a good range of experience in setting up non-profits and serving
on several boards such as a credit union and arts organizations.  I've
served on and chaired a number of volunteer committees particularly those that have to do with public relations and fundraising. I've also
assembled panels to review applications for state and federal funding.
> 3) How familiar are you with the day-to-day happenings of GNOME?  How much
> do you follow and participate in the main GNOME mailing lists?
Since I work with GNOME Foundation on a day-to-day basis, I'm
clueful of what is going on.  I follow some GNOME mailing lists and
talk to various hackers whenever I have the opportunity.
> 4) One of the primary tasks of the Board of Directors is to act as a
> liason between the GNOME Foundation and other organizations and companies
> to find out how the two groups can work together to their mutual benefit.
> Do you feel you would be good at understanding other people and companies
> and finding ways that GNOME can collaborate with other companies and
> organizations to benefit both groups and their users?
One of my greatest attributes is my ability to find areas of common interest among individuals and organizations.  I enjoy the collaborative
process and think it can be greatly expanded for the benefit of GNOME.
The Advisory Board is valuable resource.  Recently, I've gathered a
group of reps from companies to help Leslie Proctor with marketing and
> 5) One of the responsibilities and powers of the Board of Directors is to
> identify organizational weaknesses and needs of GNOME and to create
> committees, appoint coordinators of these committess, and act as liasons
> with them.  What do you believe are the current weak points of GNOME as an
> organization, and if you were able to, how would you change the GNOME
> organization?
> 6) The board meets for one hour every two weeks to discuss a handful of
> issues.  Thus, it is very important that the board can very quickly and
> concisely discuss each topic and come to concensus on each item for
> discussion. Are you good at working with others, who sometimes have very
> differing opinions than you do, to reach concensus and agree on actions?
> 7) Often Directors have to draft policies, form committees, find
> weaknesses or approaching problems of GNOME and work on solutions, and act
> as liason with various groups (both within and outside GNOME) and
> companies.  Please name three or more areas which you feel are important
> for the Board to address over the next year and which you would enjoy
> contributing some of your time to help get things started and possibly act
> as a liason between the Board and any other committees, groups, or
> companies if relevant.
Education is one area we should concentrate on.  The recent discussion
about terminal server projects in schools illustrates how GNOME can
successfully offer a needed solution. 
> 8) Do you consider yourself diplomatic?  Would you make a good
> representative for the GNOME Foundation to the Membership, media, public,
> and organizations and corporations the GNOME Foundation works with?
> 9) Will you represent the interests of GNOME and the GNOME Foundation over
> all other personal or corporate interests you may represent?
> 10) Will you be willing and have the available time to take on and
> complete various tasks that the Board needs accomplished?
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