Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 19 March 2001

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 19 March 2001


    Bart Decrem      (chairing in the absence of Havoc)
    Jim Gettys
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Dan Mueth               
    Raph Levien
    John Heard              


    Havoc Pennington
    Owen Taylor
    Maciej Stachowiak
    Miguel de Icaza

  - Without agenda and with a number of people missing the meeting
    wasn't very structured. So no big decision. Mostly reports and
    how we will structure the first meeting with the advisory board.


  ACTION: Bart to (re)book a slot for the public Gnome Foundation
          update session

  ACTION: Havoc to send the mail to the advisory for being present
          at the public Gnome Foundation update session


 - Meeting on the 5th April

   Meet with the advisory board and have dinner with them
       + presentation
       + get feedback
       + get the members to sign on a task list

     start at 10
      - 10 to 12 
        overview and state of Gnome
	plans for Gnome
	Capture the issues
      - afternoon 1 - 6pm
        Get feedback
	Check how companies can contribute
	Wrap up and check assignments
	come up with a schedule and next meeting plan

     dinner at 6

   Try to make a board meeting later during Guadec

   Gnome Foundation Update
    + try to get the advisory board to come to the session
    + session where we give an overview and an update
    + listen of feedback from the hackers community

   Goals for the foundation and the project
    + promotion, tour to get new blood
      evangelisation in an organized fashion
    + get Gnome-2

 - Incorporation
   Filed a week ago so we should be a legal entity within a couple of days
   Expect to heard back from the lawyers this week and work on bylaws ...

 - Guadec:
     everything looks really good now.

 - Gnome 1.4 Release
   RC1 is about to be shipped, will decide next week if RC2 is needed
   Some troubles with sawfish:
     - input focuse troubles when changing desktops
     - pop-up menues in separate processes
   Jim raised the fact that there was X11 timestamps problems in GTK
   (possibly in dialog box, passive grabs ...).


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