Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 10 July 2001

linas linas org (Linas Vepstas) writes:
> There seems to be a profusion of mailing lists, most of which are not
> mentioned on public web pages (e.g. the above two), and which do not
> have public archives (e.g. the above two...)  Maybe that's intentional,
> but its a bit confusing.

These are both private lists. The public alias is board gnome org,
which happens to go to board-list gnome org 

foundation-list and gnome-hackers are the public lists where you would
expect mails such as the one you sent April 6.

> I am reattaching the note below. Its, uhh, hopefully provocative,
> which is why I wondered why there was no reply...

I think most people would generally agree, so didn't follow up to
argue. ;-)

Our concerns are more about how to get there, and that is a very
nontrivial question (and there are very different schools of thought
within the GNOME community, several of them well-developed). Also,
this clearly can't be something that only GNOME addresses, it's a
problem that spans all of free software.


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