Proposed new tool for Gnome

I'm not sure if this is the right list but...

I'd like to propose that a automatic testing suite for the various gnome
projects be set up.  What I envision, is when new code is uploaded to CVS,
an automated system does the following

1) Runs Lint, Another program would be a 'pretty printer' that goes through
and prettifies the software, and notes any significant white space
inconsistencies.  (Which generally denote that the programmer either
misunderstood the syntax, mistyped the syntax or white space, or was being
lazy, all of which should be checked.), etc.

2) Compiles the software with a memory profiler/debugger (Electric Fence,
checker, ccmalloc, etc.)

3) Runs the software, and utilizes assorted programs such as memory shakers,
programs that generate garbage input, etc.

If errors, crashes, etc. are generated, a bug report is filed, and an email
to the person who did the last check is sent.

I realize that some will argue that a good code audit would catch these
problems, and I agree, however running this suite of programs could save
time for programmers by giving hints as to where to look for problems.  It
can also generate this information for those programmers who don't have
sufficiently powerful hardware to be able to use these various tools, and
thus cannot run them themselves.

This should also save time in that it should catch CVS checkins that have
failed to include all of the proper files, and thus immediately notify the
programmer before another programmer has to go through the process of check
out, build, try and find out why the build failed.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments,

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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