Should account gnome org be open, or closed? (was: Re: Account Policies)

Nat and I were chatting about these policies recently (we hadn't
actually seen Federico's yet, but were chatting none the less), and the
"closed list" of account gnome org came.  Here's are the IRC logs for
that conversation, to save me some thinking and typing (messages not
from Nat or myself have been snipped).

<greg> Nat_: Why a closed mailing list?
<Nat_> greg: So that one made me pause
<Nat_> greg: Because my instinct is an open mailing list
<Nat_> greg: but the deal is, however rarely, the committee is going to
have to occasionally reject some guy's request
<greg> Nat_: Right
<greg> Nat_: I think I still want it open
<Nat_> greg: and (a) they don't want to embarass him publicly and (b)
they don't want a big public stink
<Nat_> greg: well, it's a tossup.  i was going to mark that one as a
"discussion point"
<greg> Nat_: plus, if it's open, when a request tracker get implemented,
people can see the status of account requests
<Nat_> greg: that's true.
<Nat_> greg: good point.
<greg> Nat_: and "people" seeing it will help to ensure that we don't
<Nat_> another good point.
<Nat_> okay, you've convinced me
<Nat_> i was wrong
<Nat_> tig: cool :-)
<greg> Nat_: :-)  Not that it isn't open to discussion, but those are my
<Nat_> greg: yeah, but you're right
<Nat_> you're totally right.

As you can see, I didn't get my objection to making it an open mailing
list, but I'd like to hear some more arguments on the topic, if anybody
has them.  Thanks,

On 21 Aug 2001 13:05:34 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> Hello,
> I have put up a draft of the account policies here:
> The SGML version of this document lives in the gnome-docu CVS module,
> under gnome-docu/gnome-org-policies.
> Please review it and send your comments.
> Thanks,
>   Federico
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