Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 17 April 2001

[ A bit late ... I completely forgot to send them on Wednesday, Daniel ]

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 17 April 2001


    Havoc Pennington (chairing)
    Miguel de Icaza
    Raph Levien
    Daniel Veillard  (minutes)
    Dan Mueth               
    John Heard              
    Owen Taylor
    Bart Decrem
    Maciej Stachowiak


    Jim Gettys


   - The board expect to nominate the Gnome-2.0 Release coordinators in 2 weeks
   - Some post-Guadec, and incorporation status analysis


  ACTION: Havoc send the AB list to the board looking for completion
          of the member liasons.

  ACTION: Bart will follow the 'small' meeting and will report in one month

  ACTION: Maciej will post to Gnome-Hacker to get people stepping in as
          Gnome-2.0 coordinator.

  ACTION: Havoc make sure that we get the 2.0 volunteers and what need to get
          done to start the release coordinator work


- Having someone to fill an administrative/ fundraising position for
  the foundation.
  In the past we refused having a permanent staff but at some point we
  may need to change this.
  Lesley think that getting someone who could bring money in and make 
  advertizing for the Gnome Foundation would be a good step.
  We need more discussion on this topic.

- Incorporation status - are we ready to collect membership dues?
  we don't have yet make the steps to get a Bank account.
  we may need to have bylaws before creating the account.

- Advisory board member liaisons.
  We already have 3 liaison for the company who were present at
  the AB meeting (companies with employees on the Board excluded),
  we need to complete this list.
  We should try to bring topics of dicsussion there. How do we get
  IBM and other companies to work on Gnome technical aspects and promotion.

- ALS meeting:
  Guadec 3 meeting planning session results are that one Guadec per year
  is already a lot. We need more smaller point of contact:
   - Ximian seems the best placed to work on the Usenix meeting
   - Spanish organizer are the lead for ExpoLinux
   - Jim Gettys is taking the lead on ALS
  we will also have an AB meeting along with ALS, getting Jim input on the
  date is needed to actually schedule the AB meeting, this should be done

- discuss the issue of point releases (1.4.1 etc.)
  The idea is fine, the problem is getting the workforce, Maciej seems
  decided to work on 1.4.1
  The problem is to not drain our developpers workforces
  Primary goal is to get bugfixes out.

- Gnome 2.0
  getting coordinators, we will need people proposal.
  We will try to decide at next meeting.
  glib-2.0 and gtk-2.0 are the first step, though it will take months to
  get real 2.0 versions out, having the framework in good shape is the
  first step and this sounds good so far.


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