Gnome "Eyecandy" Project?

Would there be any value to organizing an Eyecandy project for GNOME?
Basically, I would see this as entailing three parts:
1. Stock Backgrounds
  This would be a (reasonably limited) set of desktop backgrounds.  Most
likely they would be broken down into categories like "photography",
"patterns", and "drawings".  The focus would be quality over quantity.
A few nice looking images that work well as a desktop background (taking
into account having icons on top, etc).

2. Stock Themes
  Basically, this would be a selection of 10 or so of the highest
quality themes for gtk (and Sawfish?) - that is, they are complete
themes, they look good with the major GNOME apps, and are usable.  Once
again, this would be a quality over quantity effort.
3. Stock Icons
  This is the largest part of the project.  What needs to happen is to
revitalize the icon project.  We need to set some standards for the
gnome icons, and update and augment the existing icon set.  We should
also see how the icon project should be working with things that
Nautilus brings to the table, like zooming and such.
Quickly identifiable problems are as follows:
  a. Many icons fade to white rather than clear
  b. Icons aren't all using the same perspective
  c. Icons aren't using dropshadows consistently
  d. Not all icons have the same visual dimensions (2d or 3d)
  e. Should icons be working off of the same color cube?
  f. Icons need to be made at multiple sizes, to scale nicely
  g. Many filetypes and programs still need icons
  h. Many (filetype) icons are sub-optimal, and not very

Is there any interest/value in perhaps working on such a project?  Is
there another project that has goals similar to this?  Feedback would be


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