Re: let's do a quick vote on the charter

"Adam Sleight" <adams linearcorp com> writes:

> On 29 Sep 2000 00:42:20 +0200
>  Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> wrote:
> #Whatever slate gets elected need to be a team and the board also needs to
> #function which means that it needs to have the people who're best suited
> #for the job and not the people who're the most popular.
> If we created many positions on the Committee then the popular vote getters
> power will be balanced when making important decisions regarding the future of
> Can someone publish a listing of the positions so we can nominate people to
> them?  Of course, they'd have to accept/agree to be in the running.  Assuming
> that we wipe out the slate idea which I don't like and voted 'no'.
> How many board members will they'll be? 15, 25, 50?
> unemployed geek, doc gal, CFO, CEO, CTO, UI design, gnome libraries guy, etc.

We already had a strong consensus that we want the board to be only
9-11 people or so, since the purpose is to have a smaller
decision-making body that can act without endless debate. 50 board
members would be ridiculous, since we already have 200 members of the
foundation. We may as well not even have a board if we are going to do

 - Maciej

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