Re: let's do a quick vote on the charter

One of the essential needs in a board is for diversity of views.

If people don't believe they can get at least "heard", when there is a
dispute, that there is no possible advocate for their position, it
can poison relations in an organization.  The right of appeal is
truly essential for building (rough) consensus, truly vital for 
a project like gnome.

My problem with slates is therefore the probability that too much
of a "club" is likely with a slate mechanism.

It is in effect institutionalizing a "winner takes all" party system.

The way problems such as ensuring good distribution of seats among
different constituencies generally get resolved in some other board election
systems is that there is a "nominating committee", which puts forward
a set of individuals for a vote, with the possiblity of others getting
nominated if people think the nom-com has not done a good job on
proposed candidates.  Where this scheme sometimes goes wrong is by the
nom-com only nominating N candidates for N positions.  A nom-com can
worry about representational issues, etc.

All systems have pros and cons: I just think the slate system is one
that results in strong party politics, when I believe less party style
politics are better in this situation.
					- Jim

Jim Gettys
Technology and Corporate Development
Compaq Computer Corporation
jg pa dec com

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