understanding how the board should behave

Amigos, apart from what will be written in the incorporation
documents, I wonder if we should propose a few other behaviors for our
eventual directors.

For example:

- Should there be candidates for the election, or should anybody who
  is registered to vote be considered a candidate?  This could be
  implemented by saying that the votes are tallied and the first N
  people are offered board positions (N is the number of directors --
  what's the number, by the way?).  If any turn it down, the next one
  is selected.

- Should we specify that the board hold all its discussions and votes
  in a way that is archived and visible to the rest of the foundation?

- Problem of a sparse histogram -- suppose we have 204 voters, and 100
  vote for Miguel, 100 for Federico, and four guys vote for four other
  people.  This would not be a very 

- Should we have a limit of the number of directors from a single

If these kinds of questions are answered before the election, then we
don't have to fumble on it when the directors could get to work.

PS: I'm not sure what a "slate" is.  Maybe my points are made
irrelevant because a "slate" takes care of them.

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