Re: Final list of candidates for the GNOME Foundation elections

I agree that one person should resign but I don't think we should do interim
elections unless there's a special circumstance that requires us to do so.  So my
preference would be to have the board appoint an interim board member until the
next elections.

The reason is that, as we are learning, organizing elections is actually very
costly in terms of total resources invested in it.   If we're 7 months into a
board cycle (and 5 months away from the next elections), I'm not relishing the
thought of organizing elections for the purpose of replacing one person.

The charter currently allows for this possibility, although it doesn't dictate


Alan Cox wrote:

> > What happens if people who are elected to the board later move around from
> > company to company such that more than 4 of them are at the same company?
> I would suggest one of them resigns and there is a new election for that post.
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