Re: Hackers, should we elect them ?

I think we should consider the first year of the GNOME Foundation as a
year in many ways. During this first year we will gather information and
 on how the GF should and will work, exactly what it's tasks will be and
wether the organization and mandate choosen for it needs to be modified.
For instance I wouldn't be suprised that if the situation arises where
board ends up needing to make a lot of technical decisions, one would
to set up a technical subcommity for such issues instead of leaving it
to the 
GF board.  

Personally when assembling my list I am trying to balance two factors, 
making sure the majority of the board consists of people with a long 
history of GNOME support and contributions is one factor. The other is
sure there are people on the board which can take care of the primary
task of
the board(IMHO) namely promote GNOME to the mainstream press and society
general and gather even wider commitments from the computing industry or
important Free Software projects.

 Of course the best candidates in that regard are people I think can
fill both those qualifications, examples being people like Miguel de
and Martin Baulig.(Ok, couldn't help but doing a blatant plug there :)


> On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 01:41:17PM +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> > 
> > On mar, 24 oct 2000 13:00:57 Hadess wrote:
> > > To all the candidates who have contributed a certain amount of code to
> > > the Gnome project, why should I vote for you ? To get you away from your
> > > computer and you spend less time coding ? Would you move from the
> > > programming and hacking to do management, and take project decisions,
> > > like Linus does...
> > 
> > That was exactely my thought when I was building my candidates list this
> > morning (BTW, I should put 11 names on my list, that's it ?) - I voluntarily left some
> > great hackers, because I know their time will be better spent coding and taking
> > architectural decisions for Gnome than doing PR and advertising.
> > 
> > But the point is: GF should *not* take architectural decisions, otherwise
> > hackers should be part of GF.
>   The Gnome Foundation was suggested in a large part to avoid business
> interest taking over hacker interest. Hackers should be part of GF.
> Basically if hacking on Gnome is not fun anymore, hackers will go code
> on something else. You better put a representative amount of them on the
> board to simply avoid loosing them.
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