Re: Hackers, should we elect them ?

On mar, 24 oct 2000 13:00:57 Hadess wrote:
> To all the candidates who have contributed a certain amount of code to
> the Gnome project, why should I vote for you ? To get you away from your
> computer and you spend less time coding ? Would you move from the
> programming and hacking to do management, and take project decisions,
> like Linus does...

That was exactely my thought when I was building my candidates list this
morning (BTW, I should put 11 names on my list, that's it ?) - I voluntarily left some
great hackers, because I know their time will be better spent coding and taking
architectural decisions for Gnome than doing PR and advertising.

But the point is: GF should *not* take architectural decisions, otherwise
hackers should be part of GF.


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