Candidacy (Arlo Rose)

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to pop my head in here at the last minute and nominate myself for
the GNOME Foundation Board.

Who am I and why am I here?

My name is Arlo Rose, I'm the Human Interface (aka UI) lead for the Nautilus
project at Eazel, and am in the process of forming a GNOME HI group that
will raise community and developer awareness of usability and visual issues
with GNOME projects.

I've been doing professional human interface and visual design work in the
computer industry for over 11 years now, my flagship projects being Mac OS 8
and the Appearance Manager at Apple, complete with revised Human Interface
Guidelines for the new look and feel, and Kaleidoscope for the Macintosh,
the grandfather of customizable interfaces, predating most of the trendy
alternatives on other platforms.

I am a strong advocate for platform consistency, and I saw that the
Linux/GNOME community needed a lot of help in this area.  I joined Eazel
with the goal of building a group of usability professionals that would
serve the entire GNOME developer community, not just Eazel, in making GNOME
a platform that had strong application consistency, quality, and usability

I'd like to have a seat on the board so I can strengthen awareness for good
human interface design, raise the standards for the GNOME desktop look and
feel, and act as the voice for usability issues in the GNOME community.

Thanks for your consideration.

Arlo Rose

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