Candidacy (Tuomas Kuosmanen)

I would like to nominate myself for the GNOME Foundation Board.

Some things about me:

* Personal facts:
    Name: Tuomas Kuosmanen
    Age:  28
    I use the nick 'tigert' on IRC and in my work as an artist.
    I live in Finland with my wife, no kids.

* I was part of the original GNOME team and got involved in the
  development at the very beginning.

* I am the primary author of the artwork in GNOME, including most of
  the icons. I have also done user interface work. My work defined the
  look of the GNOME desktop.

* I am still very actively involved in the community. I am currently
  working for Helix Code which gives me the possibility and priviledge to
  contribute to GNOME as my fulltime job. I am very happy about this.

* I work well with others, I have good communication skills and I seem
  to get pretty well along with different kinds of people. I have managed to
  survive a continuous period of 3 weeks in the United States, so my english
  should be like understandable, you know? :)

* I have also given some talks and tutorials about the GIMP[*]  and people
  seem to like them a lot. As time permits, I am planning to do similar
  tutorial material for the techniques I use to create the GNOME icons and
  other artwork. This will help the whole GNOME project to keep a consistent
  style on the user interface elements. I realize I cannot do all the work
  myself so I want to share my skills and knowledge with the GNOME

	[*] If someone doesnt know, GIMP is The Gnu Image Manipulation
	    Program, a free photoshop replacement for GNU/Linux and other
	    unix systems and Windows.

* I am actively involved in the GIMP development as well. As Gimp is one of
  the end user "killer applications" for GNU/Linux, I very much hope and
  advocate the use of various useful GNOME technologies in its development.
  I have very good relations to the Gimp developers. For those who dont
  know, GIMP is the primary tool in my graphics work. It is my gcc and

* The KDE project links my GNOME icon webpage as their artist resource ;)

Why do I want to be in the Foundation Board?

* I will help to make sure GNOME is aesthetically pleasant and consistent. I
  want the user interface to be pleasing and easy to use. We want to be
  taken seriously also on that field. 
* I want the foundation to take the necessary steps to work on usability and
  accessibility issues. These are important things and I dont want them to
  be forgotten.

* I think I have worthy ideas and opinions I want to present in the
  foundation. As one of the major contributors to the user interface I would
  like to continue this work and make the GNOME desktop even more pleasant
  experience to all kinds of users. Since we are forming an official
  organization to discuss these matters, It feels natural that this work
  could continue there.

* Since the foundation board is responsible for press releases and such
  things, I could be of help in making these look professional and clean.  
  I am willing to help with my design experience whenever there is such need.
* I want GNOME to be completely Free Software (though I think everyone
  else agrees with me here :)

Best wishes,

Tuomas Kuosmanen


.--->  tigert helixcode com     .    |\,/|          tigert gimp org  <-----.
+---->      -  ()-@@  ,   <----+
`----->  art director           ,  `--')/               a gimp artist  <---'

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