Re: Another question for candidates.

Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes: 
> In the email I just sent, I argue that the current practice is that
> people don't excuse themselves when they have conflicts, and that we
> should keep it like this.  Example: the discussion around whether
> Nautilus and/or Evolution are part of Gnome 1.4.  I don't think
> people from Eazel and Helix Code excused themselves from this
> discussion because of a conflict of interest.
> Are you saying that we need to change the way we deal with conflicts?

I think someone with a conflict of interest should definitely
participate in the discussion. It would be silly for Helix not to
participate in a discussion about including Evolution. I'm just not
sure they should vote, if it comes down to a vote.

If we want to say that the rule about no company having a majority
makes the problem go away, and everyone votes always, then we could do
that too.


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