Re: Another question for candidates.

To begin with, I think it underestimates people to PRESUME that people 
can't separate their commercial interests from their opinions of what 
should happen.  The board is being elected as individuals, rather than 
representatives of companies, and I believe most board members will take 
this responsibility very seriously.  I believe legally this comes as part 
of serving on a board of directors as well.

I certainly would expect to hear/express opinions from someone
whose employer is involved.  They will often be in a position to have
had more time and interest to investigate a particular topic than the
board as a whole.

Similarly, who is speaking in such a case would weigh in my mind in
deciding the proper course of action.

But the appearance of conflict of interest is also dangerous.

I believe that in general, when there is a clear conflict, abstaining
from voting (when voting is necessary: I'm a strong believer in working
toward rough consensus) is most appropriate.  Abstaining from expressing
an opinion in such cases, however, I believe would often be a disservice.

Unforgivable, however, is not exposing if one has a potential conflict
of interest.
			 - Jim
Jim Gettys
Technology and Corporate Development
Compaq Computer Corporation
jg pa dec com

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