I'd like to nominate myself for the GNOME Foundation board.

Why you want me to be there:

	- Co-founded the GNOME project along with Miguel.

	- Wrote big parts of the GNOME Programming Guidelines.

	- Maintained the GIMP for some time, split GTK+ from it so
          that it could be used in other projects.  The first non-S&P
          GIMP plug-ins were my doing.  Yeehaw.

	- Wrote major parts of the GNOME libraries, including some of
          the basic libgnome/libgnomeui stuff, the GNOME canvas, and
          other goodies.

	- Did quite a bit of work on older versions of GTK+.

	- Wrote parts of the original programs in GNOME:  gnome-core
          (the original panel, wallpaper configurator, random
          utilities, and especially the Fifteen applet), gnome-games
          (same-gnome) Gnomecal, the GNU Midnight Commander.

	- I have been the maintainer for gnome-libs, GMC, gnome-pim,
          and random modules from time to time.

	- I currently maintain parts of gnome-libs, gdk-pixbuf, EOG,
          the GNOME Programming Guidelines, and the Evolution

	- I have done a couple book reviews: Havoc's GGAD, a GIMP
          book, and some others I forget.

	- I have given several GNOME-related talks at local and
          international conferences.

	- I am neurotic about software and documentation quality.

	- I worked for RHAD Labs and now work for Helix Code.  I have
          a red fedora and plush monkeys to prove it.

	- I can make a good mushroom and cheese omelet.

So, vote for me.  Ho ho ho.


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