Re: [Fwd: IDC opinion on GNOME Foundation]

> The GNOME Foundation has been formed to create an open source standard
> graphical user interface (GUI) and encourage its broad use across both
> Linux and Unix. Can the
> GNOME Foundation succeed in making GNOME the standard GUI?

I am not willing to start a flamewar here. But I find it definitely
unfortunate that it's nowhere mentioned about the GNU Operating System
neither of the concept of free software. GNOME is an offical part of
the GNU OS (it's a GNU Project), and when you ask Miguel about why he
started that project he will tell you that it was intended to create a
desktop based solely on free software, while in this article, GNOME is
defined as a "open source GUI for Linux and UNIX".

Moreover, this GUI was created a while before the Foundation
conceptually existed. So I think it's erroneous to think that this
foundation is being formed to *create* GNOME.


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