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* Adam Sleight (adams linearcorp com) wrote at 01:35 on 02/10/00:
> On 02 Oct 2000 13:22:30 -0400
>  Miguel de Icaza <miguel helixcode com> wrote:
> I was familiar with everyone except these two and those Staroffice dudes.  I've
> seen Raph's name pop up a lot but what work has he been involved in exactly? I
> got bad memory. Refresh it.
> ##	  * Raph Levien, voice of reason.
> more detail please:

He wrote libart_lgpl. I think he was involved with GdkRGB stuff (or he may
have 'influenced' it somehow). I think he started some work on a GNOME DOM
implementation. He wrote Wet dream (I've only had the pleasure of looking at
those screenshots). He started writing an SVG editor I believe. Raph is just
an amazing "graphics" guru. I think he is also participating in discussions on
the new X extension (the one that gives you anti-aliased text and alpha
blending). He is also now the new ghostscript maintainer. Oh, he is also a
font and printing guru too (I believe due to his experience with working with
print shops in the past). He also created (but thats not really
GNOME related (well mod_virgule is in GNOME CVS)). Anyway Raph is an excellent
candidate. From what I've read from his diary entries though, he doesn't have
much time :(

> #	  * Chema: because of his involvement with all the printer
> #	    teams.
> tad more detail please:
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